As consumers, we are always looking for good deals, ways to save money and to create a residual income. There are so many economic uncertainties around the world, and consumers should look into creating multiple sources of income and not relying on one single source of income.

Roshan eMall was created to provide an E-Commerce platform for our customers to start a 2nd income using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. This platform is meant for working adults, having a full time job ( working 8 to 10 hours a day ) and to those who are self employed for example insurance agents, direct selling distributors, real estate agents, and mutual fund agents. Those who want to start their own E-commerce website, should seriously look at what we have to offer before starting your own website. Roshan eMall E-Commerce is easy to do and hassle free plus it requires the least amount of time, effort and investment.

It's Free to join the E-Commerce platform as a preferred customer and once you are ready to start your 2nd income , just purchase any one of the Fast-Start products and become an Affiliate. We share our advertising budget with our affiliate through a unique and attractive referral program. As an Affiliate, you are allowed to promote the platform globally and enjoy all the bonuses on the Fast-Start platform.

We also invite online sellers to sell their products or services on our e-commerce platform and it's FREE.

There are many more interesting and exciting products and services that will be built around the E-Commerce Platform. We will launch them from time to time and always keeping our customers in mind. We believe that our business model will be well accepted by liked minded people around the world.

Roshan Milan (Founder & CEO)
Roshan Mobile Limited, Hong Kong