Proshopper means you are a professional shopper. The Proshopper platform allow our customers and affiliates to shop at major websites through Roshan eMall E-Commerce.

Roshan eMall will receive "CashBack" from these major websites when our preferred customers or affiliates purchase products or services at these major websites. We track the purchases and collect the "CashBack" and the "CashBack" is then distributed through the 4 by 8 matrix as the "Shopping Bonus" to all our affiliates. It may take from 60 to 90 days to receive the "CashBack" from the respected sites before distribution.

Please, take note ; only active Affiliates will receive the "Shopping Bonus" and it's distributed monthly.

Please, read the T&C regarding the "CashBack".

Please, refer to the "Fast-Start platform" page for information on the bonuses payout.