The global E-commerce market is worth more than 1 Trillion dollars and growing. Yes, people it's in the Trillion and NOT Billion. Roshan eMall's primary objective is to tab into this fast growing E-Commerce market and provide an opportunity to anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop to participate in the E-Commerce business.

Let us show you how you can earn a potential income of USD $5,000 to USD $30,000 in a month. Roshan eMall Referral Program is a simple and easy system to follow. You can start earning the monthly bonuses once you purchase and activate your Affiliate account.

We have built a comprehensive and easy to use Back Office system, called “My Office” which enables you to track all your personal income and group activities globally.

We would like you to promote Roshan eMall E-Commerce platform from anywhere, example from your home, your favorite coffee shop or while on a holiday. It would be fantastic to ask a friend to look at Roshan eMall website, understand the program and clear any doubts or questions, get them to click “Join Now For Free”, follow the simple instructions given, and then get them to do the same to their friends and families.

We have built a simple 4 by 8 Dynamic Compress Matrix System into the bonuses payout structure. This matrix system will automatically fill up as you introduce your friends to Roshan eMall. Any purchases made by your friends as a Preferred Customer in Roshan eMall E-Commerce platform will earn you bonuses.

For example, once you have joined Roshan eMall and when you introduce 10 new Affiliates or Preferred Customers to Roshan eMall, the matrix system will place the first 4 Affiliates/Preferred Customers under you and the balance 6 Affiliates/Preferred Customers will be placed under the 4 Affiliates/Preferred Customers you introduced earlier from left to right even though they were directly introduced by you.

The main advantage of this concept is that it creates an element of team work, and our goal at Roshan eMall is to reward as many Affiliates globally. Please, take note, only Affiliates can earn bonuses.

Another added advantage of this dynamic compress matrix system; it will bypass those who did not fulfill Roshan eMall Bonus payout requirements and push the bonus payout upwards.

There are 3 ways to get rewarded and you are entitle to these Bonuses once you activate your Affiliate account.

Retail Profit
We pay 25% of the product price as your retail profit. Please, take note, the Retail Profit only apply to products or services that are featured on the Fast-Start platform.

For example, if the product price is USD 30, then you will earn 25% of USD 30 which is USD 7.50. You can sell to as many customers as you want and it's global ( for software related products ) . The income earned is credited into your e-wallet.

Fast-Start Bonus
We share an additional 25% (retail price) of the product or services that are featured on the Fast-Start platform as the Fast-Start Bonus and it is distributed within the 4 by 8 matrix. For example, if you purchase a product for USD 30, 25% of the retail price is USD 7.50 which is then distributed as commission into the matrix. This can become a great residual income for you and income earned is credited into your e-wallet. Please, see the table below for potential income.

Below is the potential Fast-Start Bonus distritution. (Illustration only)

Shopping Bonus
This bonus is part of the Cash Back that Roshan eMall receive from sellers or from third party website. Every time, a preferred customer or an affiliate purchase products or services through Roshan eMall E-commerce platform, Roshan eMall will receive Cash Back from our sellers or from third party websites. Roshan eMall receives the Cash Back after 30 to 60 days.

Every $ 1 dollar that we receive, Roshan eMall will distribute based on a 70:30 ratio which means 0.70 cents will be distributed into the matrix and the balance 0.30 will go to the company. So, more Cash Back will be distributed into the matrix when customers or affiliates shop frequently through Roshan eMall E-Commerce.

Below is the potential Shopping Bonus distritution, based on a USD10 Cash Back given to Roshan eMall and its distributed on 70:30 ratio. (Illustration only). Please, take note, this DOES NOT apply to products or services offered on the Fast-Start platform.

* Disclaimer:
The above illustration is an example of the potential income that our Affiliates can earn. We do not guarantee any particular amount stated in the bonus income plan. It all depends on individual and team effort, business sense, commitment to succeed, and other positive attributes to achieve the desired income.