Roshan eMall is a unique E-commerce platform with a SHARING OPPORTUNITY system build into it.

It's simple, easy and rewarding.

Just join for FREE as a preferred customer and start shopping. As a preferred customer, you are NOT entitled to any monthly bonuses but you can purchase goods and services at a very good price.

Its so easy and simple to start your 2nd income with Roshan eMall because it requires the least amount of time, effort and investment . You can do it from home, from your favourite coffee shop or while on vacation. All you need is your Smartphone to get started. It's that EASY and remember It's not a part-time job or a 2nd job.

When you are ready to start your 2nd income, just purchase any of the products or services featured on the Fast-Start platform to activate your Affiliate account and it gives you the marketing rights plus an opportunity to earn monthly bonuses when you share Roshan eMall E-Commerce platform to families and friends globally by converting them as Preferred Customers or converting them into Affiliates. It's all done through the Internet using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Affiliates must purchase any one of the Fast-Start products on a yearly basis to renew and activate their Affiliate account which then enables Roshan eMall to maintain a robust E-Commerce infrastructure which includes the administrative, marketing, operating expenses, hosting and monthly bonuses.

Share and promote Roshan eMall E-Commerce platform with 4 friends and get them to do the same with their families and friends . Watch your team grow and you can easily earn cash bonuses from USD $5,000 to USD $30,000 a month. Affiliates can earn all the bonuses mentioned in the " Fast-Start Platform " within their matrix tree.

Roshan eMall revenue model is through word of mouth instead of the typical advertising campaigns. We reward our Affiliates from our advertising budget for promoting Roshan eMall globally.

People often refer or introduce products or services to their friends and families through social media, but this word of mouth referral is never rewarded by these companies and this is Why Roshan eMall is different and unique from the others.

The GLOBAL E-commerce market is worth more than 1 Trillion dollars and growing. Take this opportunity and make Roshan eMall the gateway towards your 2nd income.

For more information on the reward plan ( Bonuses ) , please click on " Fast-Start Platform ".